Let's Try a New Format in 2021

Welcome, folks!

This is an attempt at a new format I’m trying out. Check back at the end of the post to get some of my thought process behind it. Or don’t. Who cares? Well, I guess I do. If you don’t care and you think this is all stupid, then please don’t tell me. It will hurt me, as I am something of a fragile glass-boy (emotionally.) But in sort, this will be a format to update my creative & professional happenings in a (hopefully, in time) interesting, valuable and/or entertaining way. I guess time will tell on that one! Well, let’s get into it.

For The Good of The People:

At long last, For The Good of The People is officially picture-locked for its "festival cut" - This is exciting news, folks! There's been a fair share of long days editing in the darkness, so it feels quite strange to be nearing the finish line. But if you know me, you know that this means very little. The "premiere cut" will be done and ready for screenings and premieres at festivals. But of course, I'll still be working on the final cut over the next few months, just to make sure everything is tight & ready for action when it's OFFICIALLY released!

For y'all that have been asking, I don't have a set-date for the public release of the film, but most likely it will be in spring of 2021. It'll be coming to Amazon Prime initially, and then other streaming platforms (surprises to come) after its initial launch. I'll be keepin' ya all nice and updated along the way.

Thank you all so very sincerely much. To everyone that's shown support, love and really any form of interest in this project. It means the world to a fella like me. Thank you immensely. You are all amazing (well, most of you anyway.)


In other exciting show-biz news, Scumbags (a short I directed about 2 years ago) has been crushing in the festival circuit. Even amidst the pandemic, festivals have been surprisingly innovative! I'll give a public thank you to some of the other cool festivals in due time, but since it's fresh: This week I found out Scumbags has been officially selected for The London International Motion Picture Awards, the Red Rose Film Festival, and the NextGn International Film Festival. That's a real honor, so thank you to everyone involved with the festivals! It means the world, truly.

Filmmakers React To Sci-Fi Porn:

At long last, I'm finally working on some real career moves. This is an example of actual cinema, ever heard of it? A few months back, the Better Off Better trio (Chris K. Daniels, Jenny Whipple & Sam Caswell) filmed this CLASSIC (and certainly stupid) little video wherein, we give our filmmaking perspectives on some high-end Sci-Fi pornography. Things obviously got wild. It's a nice break from the seriousness of these short films we got going on! That will be coming along real soon.

Better Off Better

This week, we tried our hands at Smiling Therapy. Ever heard of such a thing? Hopefully not. Basically, we force ourselves to hold a large & in-charge smile for minutes on end, in order to stimulate the release of serotonin in our minds. Basically, attempting to trick ourselves into feeling happy. Of course, it was quite a journey. That episode is streaming EVERYWHERE podcasts can be streamed, so definitely go get on that!

For those that haven't heard, Better Off Better is our (me, Jenny Whipple & Sam Caswell) attempt at improving ourselves as people (kinda.) In reality, it's our comedic, cut-throat journey to self-betterment. Every week we spend 7 days on some sort of practice that's theoretically supposed to improve us. We've created a competition out of this, naturally. We compete to be the best at getting better. Sometimes the self-help practices are valuable! And with that, sometimes they're very-much not valuable. Come watch or listen to the journey! It's pretty humorous from time to time.


You like reading things? Well boy do we have things to read! The Cinemonic Articles page has been LOADED up with quality reads. From filmmaking, to writing, to podcasting, to in-depth details from the self-betterment journey, it's got plenty of entertainment to be had. Definitely recommend giving it a read. Especially Jenny's articles, those ones are actually elegantly written, imagine that? Wow, what a kind person I am. Someone should write an article about that. Maybe Jenny? She’s so talented. Gosh, there I go again. Who gave this guy a blog anyway?

This Format:

Well, this is certainly strange. I’m just trying to figure out a more effective way of getting my content into the world, and even more so, the cool & interesting updates surrounding it. Festivals, distribution, production stages, etc. There’s all sorts of exciting stories to share, experiences to learn from, and entertainment to be had. So this is clearly a rough attempt at this sort of all-encompassing idea, but I think right now it’ more about just doing it. I’m going to try to hold myself to do this once a week. Maybe Friday night? That’s sad. Maybe Sunday night? We’ll see. But hopefully this creates a clearer vision of all these fun little segments of my life, and hopefully that will in turn help me distribute this information to the proper platforms from this “master list” of information. Does any of this make any sense? Who cares? See you next time!

Let's Try a New Format in 2021!

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